Wednesday, July 7, 2010

real summer

6:45 - I was woken up this morning by this cuddly animal.

7:10 - Lauren and I were out the door and on our way to her soccer practice.
7:30 - After a bowl of cheerios, a jog around the neighborhood followed. Not a good idea.. couldn't move properly.
8:30 - Picked up Lauren, got gas and was back on the road to take her to basketball practice.
9:00 - Shower.
10:15 - Went to get my hair trimmed. That is never a pleasant experience because they always cut way too much off. I think a good two inches this time :( Oh well, it's just hair.. it will grow back!
11:00 - Ate some yogurt and a peanut butter covered rice cake for lunch and did a little relaxing.
1:45 - Picked Lauren up from basketball.
2:15 - Went swimming with Carly, Emily and Parker (those are the kids she is nanny-ing for). Today was the first day I've been swimming all summer. I got a little bit burnt and I'm rather excited. I need some color.
4:15 - Helped my mom clean out the craft closet.. wow, that sure was a job. I think we are the example of pack rats. We made some room for all of my graduation gifts so now they aren't all over my bedroom floor. I cleaned up unnecessary things around my room and it's so much cleaner. I feel relieved.
5:30 - Dinner. My mom made a salad consisting of lettuce, apples, grapes, almonds and raspberry dressing. Yumm, so delicious.
5:50 - A little bit more cleaning.
6:30 - Nothing productive, but that's okay cause it's summertime.
8:00 - Coconut popsicle and Tour de France. Enough said.
9:00 - Bed time soon.


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