Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 things to count.

First thing, my cousin who I never see came over and gave me a photoshop lesson. It was super helpful and not to mention fun. She got married earlier this year and has a darling new haircut.

Secondly, I took another nap today. Those feel good.

Third off, Taylor Esvelt's senior pictures were taken tonight. We had a good time! She is such a sweet girl and I think I got some really great photos of her.

Fourth, I finally spent some time with Kailee, Kristi and Demie tonight. Some much needed catch up and laughter went down. I seriously have missed those girls. We watched The Last Song... again! Only this time every aspect of the movie was critiqued... Oops! Kailee made us all amazing scrapbooks from over the years. Tons of memories came flooding back to my mind. It surly will be weird not going to school with the three of them anymore.

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