Friday, August 20, 2010

My New Drinking Cup

In the cupboard I found a clear glass jar with a handle. It's my new favorite. I had a glass of orange juice in it today.

My sis and I climbed badger and had a nice talk. That hike always makes for some good conversation. God is really working in her life and it really is cool to watch. I'm so excited for some opportunities God is giving her.

Breanna and I ventured off the mall to pierce holes in our ears! We each got a second cartilage piercing above the ones we already have. I was so indecisive but I finally just went for it and now it's growing on me.

Charlie St. Cloud was a great movie. It was surly confusing in parts but the sailboats, the love story and the coast were perfect. While watching the movie I was envisioning my life in a couple years. I could see myself near water, with a charming man to take me out on a sailboat. Yes, I'd like that very much!

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