Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family, you are the best.

I am truly one lucky girl. I have been blessed with the most wonderful family ever. Being at college for only two weeks I've realized just how much my mom, dad and Carly mean to me. They picked me up today on their way to Seattle. Carly moved in to her house today. She is going to be living in the upstairs room of a little house with three other people on a busy street about two miles from school. It's a cute little place and I'm excited for her. We unpacked all of her stuff.. I think she had close to the amount of things I did so there's no more saying that Jessi packs way too much. We walked down to U-Ville and had dinner and walked through Anthropology. That store is always inspiring. Makes me want to make something and be crafty. Then back on the road we were... back to E-burg, my place of residence. I just typed "my home" and had to erase it. Even though I'll be living here for the next four years, well as planned right now, the Tri-Cities will always be my "home." I miss all of you back home and hope you're all doing well.

As I was sitting here the song Keep My Heart Alive by Sanctus Real started playing from my lap top and it really got to me. Just before this I watched a movie in my neighbor's room. It was a pretty gory movie and I can't even remember the name of it. Every other word was the "F" word or some foul language. Almost every person in the room had a swear word coming out of their mouth every couple of minutes. I'm tired of living in a world where this is okay. Where this is what is normal and the standard for today's world. I want to be surrounded by people who live this song as their policy for their life and want Jesus to rule their lives... I hope to find some people here that have these same views that I do... sometime soon.

I’m so tired of politics
And all this bad news
I’m so tired of chasing the moment
Instead of chasing you

I let the world wear me down
I’m desensitized
Jesus, keep my heart alive
Keep my heart alive
Only you can save me from a world that’s breaking right before my eyes
Keep my heart alive

Take these empty hallelujahs
Fill my lungs again
Cuz I wanna sing
And I wanna mean it
I wanna feel again

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