Monday, September 20, 2010

Naps, Good Work Outs and Food

We had three required class sessions to go to this morning. I fell asleep in two of them. I'm so happy that all of this welcome mandatory stuff is over with now.

I took a two our nap. That was very much needed. My bed is so comfortable that I probably could have slept all day. After getting some rest I headed over to the Rec Center to work out and that was seriously one of the best workouts I've had in a while. I ran and then biked but by the time I was done sweat was dripping off of every part of my body. I love those kind of work outs. I really like the Rec Center. Everywhere I looked were attractive men with their muscles bulging. Probably trying to impress the new ladies.

Dinner with some friends.. I ate a huge quesadilla. It was big enough for two meals but I ate the whole thing. Now I know to save some for left overs.

Another cool thing about Central is that they play free movies in the big theater in the Student Union building. Tonight was Iron Man 2. I liked the parts that I could stay awake in. On top of being tired.. I honestly can't stay awake while watching a movie. My frustration for that issue is rising once again.

I also can't wait to get some mail in my mailbox :)

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Nell said...

you should give me you address! ;)