Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your Love Never Fails...

... You stay the same through the ages.

I sat on a blanket in the shade of a tree and did some homework today.
It was so relaxing and a nice change from my dorm room.
When I called Laurel the other day she was doing just that so I thought I'd try it out myself.
The leaves on the trees here are beginning to turn yellow and it's simply beautiful.
I like autumn time just for that reason.

I had a good workout at the gym.
Solid sweat.. front and back of my gray t-shirt was soaked.
My hair was drenched and every two seconds I had to wipe the streams running down my face.
I felt pretty BA actually working out and not just looking pretty in my yoga pants, perfect pony tail and ipod arm band so the hot guys can get a good look at me.
Typical girl profile at the gym, haha.

Laundry time again.. this time it was worth the $3.75. My hamper was full and it is quite a lovely feeling to have fresh, smell good clothes to put away. I sat on the washing machine and attempted to read my PSY book but with people around that becomes immediately impossible. All in all, my homework is complete and laundry is done. Success!

Bradley Anderson posted this song on his blog the other day and now I'm hooked. It was the only song I listened to while working out. With the reminder that God makes all things work together for my good I couldn't help but run faster and harder. He gives me energy, breath, life, love, courage, strength and purpose for every day. I honestly wouldn't be here at school if I didn't have a relationship with him. I have felt lonely, afraid and just helpless but God has given me a reason to wake up every morning knowing that I have the chance to live for him.

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