Thursday, September 30, 2010


The last couple of days in Geology class this one guy has walked in late everyday. He's tall and handsome but has this sort of tough guy look to him. This morning I sit down in rock class content with my notebook and travel mug filled with vanilla chai tea. In walks the tall, handsome guy and guess where he sits? Not in the front row, the last row, the row in front or behind me... not even in the three empty seats a few away from me to my left. No, he sits right next to me. He even asks for a piece of paper. After class was over he proceeds to tell me that he's majoring in geology/geography, is a junior and his name is Blare. He was very polite and seemed genuinely happy that we met today. When he walked the other direction for his next class he said, "I'll see you tomorrow." Well guess what buddy.. we don't have class tomorrow. Oh, it made me smile. Thank you Jesus, for cute boys to make life fun.

Laurel sent me this photo today. I like nose rings. Therefore, I like this picture. He even has a beard.. that's a plus. The smoking is an ultimate no-no though.

Post Secret. This man named Frank Warren had an idea. He handed out thousands of post cards addressed to himself and asked people to anonymously contribute to a project by writing down their secrets. In the last five years he's gotten over half a million post cards. He's published five books and the last one made it to #1 on New York Times best seller. He was at Central tonight and I was about 5 rows away from him. He shared his stories about doing the project and how he's raised thousands of dollars with all proceeds going towards the suicidal hot line. At the last part of his presentation he allowed for people in the crowd to share their secrets. My favorite was a bubbly red headed girl who said that she worked at a smoothie place and that this one nasty, terrible lady would come in every day and she would secretly add weight gain to her drink! Be nice to those serving you!

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