Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dylan was convinced that church started at 10:15. Wrong.
We tried another church even more convinced this one started at 10:30. Wrong again.
Jack in the Box it is...
We talked as he ate breakfast.
And then we were late to the 11:00 service, haha.
Oh men and the way they do things.

I helped him with laundry after church.
I've never been to a real laundromat so it was a fun experience.
We wasted quarters on video games while we were waiting.
There was a lady that kept smiling at us.. I think she thought we were cute.

Homework, bike ride to Goodwill, and dinner complete with Halloween music followed.
People in the dorm dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treated around the hall.
I didn't sign up to participate.. I'm not a fan of Halloween.
I still managed to get visitors.

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