Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today was all about Jesus. Carly and I took the bus downtown. We stopped at Starbucks to get ourselves a mocha and then on to Mars Hill church. The worship was incredible. Truly talented musicians. The worship here in Ellensburg just isn't quite at that level so I really enjoyed it. Mark Driscoll is just so awesome to listen to. He has such a passion for what he talks about and I came away feeling inspired. Carly's lucky she gets to go to that church every Sunday.

The sermon was on the rich and the poor and how we need to use our wealth to worship, not worship our wealth. We need to guard our hearts by worshiping Jesus so that our focus will be on him and not on material things that we covet without even knowing it. My favorite analogy was that we are all little gods.. we sit on a throne which is a toilet every day yet we act like we are poor. A huge majority of the world doesn't even have a toilet to sit on. How can I say that I'm a poor college student when I walked a block and bought milk, juice, and yogurt because my fridge was getting a little bit empty? It's not about being rich or poor but where our hearts are.. are we righteous or unrighteous with what we have?

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Nell said...

That must've been an amazing sermon! :)