Friday, January 8, 2010

let's make peace.

Friday, such a wonderful day. It started off lovely because I took my amazing thermos that Laurel gave me for Christmas to school filled with vanilla chai tea. It literally was a piece of heaven in my day. I got out of zero hour early to greet at the gate. It really brightened up my day and I enjoyed seeing cheery faces in the cold, dreary weather. I was rather surprised though... Eric and I decided to count how many people said good morning in return and only around 40 students out of hundreds actually said anything or acknowledged us. It's amazing how a simple smile or hello can impact a life in such a powerful way. I'm actually understanding chemistry right now which is such an up lifter... only a couple more weeks and then I can say goodbye to that big purple book weighing down my backpack! In ASB we gave each other our Christmas letters today... We drew names and had to write the person a note telling them what we'd give them if we had all the money in the world. I wrote to Kayla and I wished that she would have all the happiness in the world and a dream dance studio made exactly how she wanted it. Tons of celebrities would fly in from all over the world to have dance parties with her and it would be located right on the beach, of course with clear water and white sand! There's always room to dream right? I, sadly, didn't receive a letter today. There were 4 people who didn't get letters and it really makes me question a few people in our "leadership" class. Why are they in there if they don't want to participate in something as simple as writing a friend a letter? Anyways, Mr. Bisson wrote me a letter and it really touched me. He is such an inspirational person in my life and has really helped me break out of my shell and step up to who I can really be. The kids at my intern were very energetic and loving today. They all wanted me to help them with math and it really is a blessing having the opportunity to work with each and every one of them. The rest of my day consisted of a good hard 50 minute jog at the club, macaroni and cheese for dinner, some one on one time with Karli, received my acceptance letter into Cenral, went to the movie Leap Year with some of my best friends. It was by far the cutest movie I've ever seen. Laurel and I had a good heart to heart talk until one in the morning but I'll talk about that tomorrow. :)

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