Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laurel & Jessi

I suppose this picture needs an explanation... Laurel came over after we saw Leap Year last night and, by the way it's definitely a movie to buy when it comes out on dvd! We had a great heart to heart talk and it involved a few tears which resulted in using toilet paper to wipe our eyes. Laurel had a huge wad and when I needed some she was kind enough to give me a piece to soak up one drop of water. We found it very humorous and worthy of a 365 photo. We decided that we are twins in almost every aspect of our lives.

We both have long, sandy colored hair,

our noses are similar,
have the same passion for music, photography, knitting and tea,
our lovely mothers both teach small children,
our fathers love motorcycles,
we live next to mormon churches and yet we're christians,
share clothes very often,
interest in unique vehicles,
lack of dancing ability haha,
obsession with value village sweatshirts

She is without a doubt the greatest friend in the world.

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