Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would you like some crack with that?

Well, here we go... I started off the day with coaching my second basketball game. The boys played great again but it was definitely more of challenge this week. Their true colors are starting to show, but hey they are little boys, I can't complain. I went for a jog outside for the first time since before winter started. It was rather frigid but I enjoyed the fresh air. To celebrate my grandma's birthday we went to Hubby's for Pizza. It was quite the experience, haha. That is where my lovely picture came from today. It's amazing how people can sit in a public place and just let their business hang out. I guess it's a pretty clear image of what our country is becoming. Although, those people are probably very nice individuals and I'd rather view them the way Jesus would. It was great to reunite with family since I don't get to see them all that often. I found out that my cousin Brian who is also a senior but goes to Southridge is going to Central to play baseball next year. I'm really excited because I've always wanted to be closer with him and now we'll be college buddies. Laurel came over, waking me from my nap ;) and we went to Chris's house for his surprise birthday party. He had no idea and it was so much fun. We danced with black lights and I kind of thought the house was going to come down due to the extremity of the base. I just love my friends. It's such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by friends who love the same things I do. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day! There are so many awesome things planned. Nighty night.

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