Friday, January 22, 2010


Please meet... my future motorcycle (1978 DT175).

My dad and I are fixin' her up. It should be ready by this summer and I really can't wait. I've wanted to know how to ride a motorcycle for a while now and it's finally coming true. We are going to plan camping trips off our bikes with Laurel and her dad since my awesome best friend has a motorcycle of her own. I don't want to take the class so my dad is going to show me everything I need to know and how to ride. He excepts a 100% on the drive. Eeek. We layed out all of the part since we're putting it completely back together and it was pretty exciting. The fact that I don't know what anything was... haha. I will someday learn and can call myself a biker chick, wahoo.

A dear friend introduced Kina Grannis to me. She pretty much became famous over YouTube and is pretty darn amazing. I'm sure we can all say we're jealous of her voice.

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