Thursday, March 25, 2010

lovely days

After school Jayanah accompanied me to Laurel's tennis match at Southridge. The wind didn't stop them from playing. Casey arrived right when we did so we layed out our blankets in the grass and held up our signs! Every time Laurel looked at us, she smiled. Probably because Casey's sign was so awesome! I said goodbye to Laurel and Meryn.. I won't see them for over a week! They will be in sunny Arizona while I stay home and do nothing! Oh, I probably will find some fun things to do but I wouldn't have complained fitting in her suitcase. I'm already excited to hear all about her trip! Jay and I then headed over to the All City Talent Show. There was so much variety among the acts and it was super fun to be a part of it, even though all I did was help backstage. Came home and packed my bag for Seattle. Four classes tomorrow and then hello big city, crew dinner and sister!

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