Friday, March 26, 2010


Here I am again, in Seattle. My parents and I arrived at our bargain hotel and got ready for the Formal Crew Dinner. I was privileged to meet all of Carly's crew friends and had fun laughing at the grunties (freshmen boys)who had to shave their heads. It's a tradition for them not to cut their hair until the season and then they have to shave it all off. I accidentally ate a mushroom during dinner and I about gagged with strangers sitting next to me. I also tried tofu for the first time, not knowing. That is also a food that I don't ever want to eat again. They showed really intense, amazing videos of the boys crew teams dominating other schools. It really makes me miss playing a sport and being a part of a team. I am now sitting on my hotel bed, being interrupted by funny conversations of my lovely family. My sister is even staying with us tonight. Gosh, I've missed her. I seriously laugh more than ever when she's around. Early morning ahead!

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krista joy said...

whaat? you don't like tofu!
soo good.
it just takes on the flavor of the food it's paired with.
maybe it wasn't paired correctly..