Friday, May 21, 2010

my best friend.

I seriously have the best friend ever. I was just telling me sister that I was so blessed to meet Laurel this year. Carly was giving me this analogy of finding the right person to be with where you fit together just like two perfect puzzle pieces. I used that to describe Laurel and I except that we are the same puzzle piece. She is just so great! After school we headed to Roasters in hopes of finding the cute boy with the lip ring working but we had no such luck. We sat on the cheetah print couch and talked while drinking chai tea. Next came the river. We wanted to go to our normal place but there was this couple who we thought just got engaged because of their behavior. Let's just say that they were all over each other... So we proceeded to walk down the path. Jon Foreman playing and just enjoying the perfect sunny weather. We found a perfect little ledge to camp out and we added a few lines to the song we're writing and of course did what we do best.. take pictures! Value Village was on our minds so we made a quick run. I purchased two dresses, a belt and a pair or boots, all for $31. I pretty much scored today. We ate some left overs for dinner with my mom and waited to say hi to my sister before we headed over to Laurel's to watch the movie Bright Star. We decided on that movie because it was a love story and the main guy was a cutie! Good thing we got it at the red box because I wouldn't really recommend it. It wasn't bad by all means but it was interesting. Laurel and I pretty much laughed through the whole thing because of the funny old fashioned things the characters did. Also, you know that tight feeling in your chest when you are laughing so hard it's hard to breathe? Well, that happened to both of us at the same time and I'd have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in a long long time. I thought I was going to die and Laurel had tears running down her cheeks. I ended up staying the night because I kept falling asleep, haha. I played line up on my itouch and listened to some more jon foreman before we both fell asleep. Today was such a wonderful day.

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