Saturday, May 22, 2010

sister time

My sister and I took an early morning walk around the neighborhood. She gave me a heart to heart college talk and it was really great just spending time with her. It's been kind of lonely this year without her and I'm really happy she'll be home for the summer.

Today is Nicole Renard's birthday so again with the surprises! Some groupies met at DQ and sang to her as she walked in the door. She has never eaten a large blizzard so that is the first thing she did. I believe Cookie Dough was the choice. After some chit chatting Laurel and I left to go fly a kite. Who knew that could be such a daunting task? I am officially not the best kite flier in the world. I dive bombed it more than once in the street. But, it was super fun once I got the hang of it and it was a beautiful sight to look up at that cloudy sky and see the rainbow triangle soaring high.

My mom and I had some fun at the craft store getting supplies to make book marks for my little kiddos in second grade. I helped clean the bathroom and then decided that my room is just way too cluttered so it was time to clean and rearrange! I feel so much better about it now. I actually have room to walk around!

And on another note, I think I have a sinus infection which really stinks especially at a time like this. So, now that my head is super congested I'll just go to sleep. Goodnight!

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