Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was all set to wake up and go for a nice jog before school but I was just loving my bed way too much to leave it so I slept those extras minutes and hopped in the warm shower instead.

A second grader asked me if I was wearing a bra today... haha, apparently my shirt was see-through and I was wearing my new bra with polka dots. Oh how observant those little ones are.

We practiced our speeches again after school, however, this time we made it through everyone's special words. I've really enjoyed spending time with the 10 smartest seniors in school. They are all such wonderful people :)

After I arrived home I stood at the kitchen counter, ate some strawberries and witnessed the neighbor girl sprint out of her front door, get the mail and sprint back inside. I got a good laugh from it.

Tonight was our ASB murder mystery party. I was a dolphin trainer who secretly trains her dolphins to attack people so she can steal their money. I became aware of two things... First thing, wet suits are extremely uncomfortable to just wear around and the second thing is that they are not the most attractive thing in the world. Haha, anyways, it was fun to get dressed up and act silly with fellow friends.

I'm accumulating quite the collection of senior pictures and they are all beautiful.

PS.. I want Lee DeWyze to win on American Idol. Don't get me wrong, I really like Crystal but I'd listen to Lee any day if he came out wih a CD.

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