Monday, May 24, 2010

one down

I accomplished quite a few things today and my shoulders feel a bit lighter.
- Traveled to the top of the library! Very few people ever get to do that but for Kailee's last lecture she granted everyone's wish to climb that scary latter and walk around that upper ring of the library. It was a special moment!
- Started practicing graduation speeches at lunch. We didn't quite get to mine since there are 11 of us giving a few words. I am last so I'll get to share tomorrow. I am nervous that I'll get negative feedback for some reason. There is just something about other people critiquing my words and how I say them kind of bothers me but I know it's all for good measures.
- Brain Buster Assembly during 6th hour. I feel like it went smoothly. There was tons of laughter and it was great fun. I'm just happy that's over with. One less thing to worry about!
- Finger appointment after school. More injections... they weren't as bad as they have been in the past so my little fingers aren't in as much pain as usual.
- Took a nap outside in the grass. Warm sunshine on bare skin while dozing to Jon Foreman = beauty.
- Inauguration for ASB. It was kind of sad and it really made me think about the end of the year. It's truly near the end of my high school journey.
- Soap Olympics! Also known as the last young life club ever! It was freezing cold, we got soaking wet but it was a blast!
- Came home, took a hot shower, put on warm wool socks and curled up in bed.
- All in all, wonderful day!

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Abby Michelle Bare said...

jessi, you've probably been told this a million times, but i just think you are beautiful, and i love reading your blog. victoria showed it to me, and i think you are such a cute girl. i just think you are amazing :)
love abby