Friday, June 4, 2010


- Graduation practice!
- Southridge was privileged to hear all of our speeches ;)
- BBQ at the park. I was so happy with the turnout! The Lord blessed us with sunny weather so we could have fun, play around and just be merry!
- I walked in the door to find cousin Kat and uncle Tom sitting in the kitchen. What a great surprise! Grammy is here and Carly also came home today! It's so awesome having everyone here! I feel so special that they all came home to support me!
- Kat and I went to Target. It was a successful run! I came home with a strapless bra (that's what I needed!), and a pair of sailor shoes. Me and my shoes, haha.
- Took a shower and got some tedious things done.
- Went to Kailee's, Briana's, Breanna's and Tommy and Andrew's graduation parties tonight! They were all lovely! So many great memories.
- Finally home.. sleeping on the living room floor.

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