Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well today was officially the first day of college. I started the day out right with all 4 of my classes. Geology, Psychology, University and English. I was a bit overwhelmed and I cried but overall I'll admit that I think my classes will be okay. Anything new is a challenge and I found that out today.

Some key points for the day:
- My english professor wears toms. Yay.
- Two of my notebooks are sparkly. I didn't notice that until I pulled them out of my backpack. Not a fan.
- You can print an endless amount of things for free at the library. Score.
- Talking to your mom makes things okay again.
- Showering in the late afternoon is so much better than the morning. No line.
- It's getting cold outside. I'm not ready for that.
- Don't fall asleep in Psychology class. You'll be embarrassed by the professor in front of 200 people. It happened to a boy two rows behind me. Thank goodness she didn't look at me when my eyes were closed.

My new friends and I also had a laundry party tonight. We got frozen yogurt from across the street and gathered up our quarters. We each had about two loads which equaled approximately $3.75 to wash and dry. We attempted homework but with loud machines and voices going everywhere around us it was kind of hard to concentrate. I decided that I don't like doing laundry. It was my first time ever doing it by myself.. I've been so spoiled.

Day 1 of college... over and out.

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